Friday, January 9, 2009

What we ate

cold cereal
turkey (leftovers from our freezer), stove top stuffing, au gratin potatoes, green beans
(Kenton refused to eat anything)
omelets with swiss cheese & lightlife "ham", biscuits from a can, fruit
yogurt, soy joy bars
Edward and I also had a late-night snack from McDonalds--we each had a double burger from the $1 menu and split a large order of fries. We had $3 left on a gift card that he earned from a Post-It note rebate a few months ago, so we only paid 78 cents for our junk food fix. I have to admit it was pretty good.

We ate lots of convenience foods today, and not many fruits and veggies. I usually do a lot of cooking on the weekends, so I'll try to get some healthier foods made tomorrow so we can eat a little better.

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