Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Meijer Deals!

Our new budget week doesn't really start until Friday, but the forecast is for bitterly cold weather for the next few days so we decided to go ahead and do the shopping today. Edward really didn't want to drag the kids out in 5 degree weather to go the grocery.

Despite my disappointment last week with Meijer, Edward headed back there today because they have some great 11/$10 deals advertised again this week. Their sales run from Sunday to Saturday and unlike some other chains, they are really good about restocking throughout the week. He was able to find all but two items on his list.

The total for everything in the picture was $25.54! At regular price, which we'd never pay of course, the English muffins were $3.59 each, so the 5 pkgs we bought would have been $17.95! (Since my bagel stash has now been completely exhausted, my new breakfast of choice will be egg on english muffin.) According to the receipt, the total before sale prices and coupons was $98.21. Our refrigerator and freezer are stuffed full and we still have $14.50 left to spend, which is good since we need to restock some staple items like butter and flour.

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