Saturday, January 3, 2009

Edward and I are really enjoying the ham and bean soup. Which is good since it made a bunch and we'll probably be eating it at least one more meal. It's day two of our challenge, and we're rolling right along. Here's what we ate today.
Me--Scrambled egg on a bagel
Kenton--wheat toast
Edward & Emery--Pumpkin-Apple Bread

The kids had a morning snack of yogurt, and I snacked on some of the pumpkin-apple bread. For lunch Edward and I had leftover ham & bean soup (we thought it was even yummier today, as many soups are). Kenton had jam on wheat toast, peanuts, and apple. Emery had cheese on wheat toast and apple. Em had pumpkin apple bread for an afternoon snack and Kenton had saltines.

For supper Edward and I had salads of romaine lettuce, carrots, cheddar cheese, and bacon with homemade ranch dressing. They were very good. We also had Campbell's tomato soup, which was not so good, even after I doctored it up with lots of garlic and herbs. We bought it a couple of weeks ago because it was just a few cents after coupons, but I don't think it was a good investment. The stuff has 12 grams of sugar per serving, which is about the same as a pop-tart! The kids had plain macaroni noodles, and Kenton had peanuts and raisins. Em had a few slices of carrot and a couple bites of bacon with hers. They split a cup of yogurt for their bedtime snack. I'll probably snack on some popcorn before going to bed tonight.

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