Sunday, January 18, 2009

Rite Aid Deals

We had a $20 gift card from Rite Aid from a rebate deal and used it tonight to pick up some food items they had on sale with no out of pocket expense. We bought the following at 99 cents each:
3 Mott's applesauce (24 oz)
4 Wyler's lemonade mix
4 Sun Maid raisins (8.5 oz)
1 Bumblebee Albacore tuna
We had two coupons for $1/2 for the raisins, which lowered our total a little more. Raisins and applesauce are on the very short list of foods Kenton will eat right now, so we were happy to get these deals.

The only other food purchase we made today was $1.99 at Aldi for some goat cheese. I think that leaves me with about $1 in this week's food budget.

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