Thursday, January 8, 2009

Edward had to go to the outpatient clinic today because he was having treatment for kidney stones, so he and I spent most of the day there. He wasn't allowed to eat after midnight last night so our eating was really off schedule. My aunt watched the kids at our house, so they were much closer to a normal today.

Keesha--egg on a bagel (I really like eggs and we have a stash of bagels in the freezer from when Kroger had them on sale for 90 cents a bag a few weeks ago, so that's become my standard breakfast.)
Kenton & Emery--cereal
Kenton & Emery--pb&j on whole wheat, manadarin oranges
Keesha--really overpriced pre-made ham & cheese sandwich that was not really very tasty
Keesha--something resembling fried rice made from leftover brown rice pilaf and eggs
Kenton--shredded mini wheats
yogurt, soy crisps (My aunt brought these with her and the kids love them. They're similar to a rice cake, but made from soy so they have some protein. I'll have to check the price at Kroger this week.)

I was proud that we ate at home tonight, despite the crazy day. We didn't eat particularly well, but we ate at home. Prior to this week I would have picked up fast food. We didn't resolve to cut down on our eating out (and it's not included in our $40/wk grocery budget), but it's hard to justify spending $30 on a meal out when you're only spending a little more than that for a whole week. I really haven't missed the eating out and no one else has complained, either.

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