Friday, January 9, 2009

Kroger Shopping

After resting while I was shopping at Meijer, Edward decided he was up for a quick trip to Kroger. We scored a couple of good deals there.We got Lightlife vegetarian "ham" slices for 38 cents after a $1 coupon, saltines for 54 cents after coupon, 3 cans of Hunt's tomatoes from the "scratch and dent" bin for 15 cents each after coupons, and 4 Reese's Whips candy bars which were on sale 2/$1 and completely free after coupons.

We also picked up canned fruit and applesauce, a bag of tangelos, tortillas, frozen peas, a can of creamed corn that will go in a soup recipe later this week, 6 cans of tomato paste, and tried out 2 of their 43 cent cans of "Kroger value" biscuits. The grand total was $13.32, leaving us with $7.01 in this week's budget.

While at Kroger I saw they had Red Gold tomato products for 75 cents a can, a much better price than the sale I went to Meijer for. They also had 10 lb bags of potatoes for 50 cents less.


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