Sunday, January 11, 2009

Crazy Days

Edward had another flare-up with his kidney stones yesterday, so we've had a crazy couple of days. We spent several hours yesterday at the ER which didn't leave much time for cooking or eating at home. Someone stayed here with the kids and they ate lots of snacks yesterday but no real meals. We picked up pizza for supper and ate it with some salad and fruit we had here. I spent $1.98 for some salad dressing when I went in Kroger to get a prescription filled, leaving us $5.03 in the weekly budget.

Today wasn't much better as far as eating normally. My dad's here to help out, so he ran out and got breakfast at McDonald's. I ran to Kroger again (it's right around the corner--too convenient sometimes!) and spent $2.98 for a pound of ground beef and made some chili and cornbread. That was lunch, and we had leftover pizza and salad for supper. The kids ate their usual snacks like yogurt, pretzels, and soy joy bars. We have $2.05 left in the budget for the rest of the week.

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