Friday, January 2, 2009

We kicked off our $40/week grocery challenge today. For budgeting purposes, our week will run from Friday to Thursday. We went to two stores today, Aldi and Kroger, spending a total of $31.18. At Aldi we bought white cheddar rice cakes (a favorite snack for the kids), saltines, frozen salmon filets, ketchup, and broccoli for $8.81. We got several staple items at Kroger, including brown rice, whole wheat flour, eggs and apples. No super deals in our shopping today, although we did have a $1.50 coupon for the yogurt (which is why we have the Dora variety) and I got Tabasco sauce for only .39 cents after a .50 cent coupon was doubled.

Here's what we ate today:
breakfast: frosted mini-wheats
snack: cheddar rice cakes
lunch for the kids: cheddar cheese, whole grain crackers, and applesauce
lunch for the adults: ham & bean soup
snack for the kids: yogurt
For supper tonight, it was clean out the refrigerator time, so everyone had something different.
Emery--veggie burger, whole wheat toast, apple slices
Kenton--french fries (left over from eating out yesterday), whole wheat toast, and apple slices
Me--red beans & rice, apple slices
Edward--ham & bean soup, apple slices

Of course a lot of what we'll be eating this week are things we'd already purchased before today. Our challenge will probably get more challenging in a few weeks, when our well-stocked pantry starts to look a little bare.

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