Sunday, March 1, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

At least three of our dinners this week should make enough for leftovers, so I've only planned four lunches. I'm fortunate to work close enough that I can come home and eat lunch with my family most days. I try to keep lunches really simple (sandwiches and heating up leftovers work really well), since I don't want to spend my lunch hour cooking. Hubby is wonderful and does lots around the house, but cooking is not his thing! :-)

Sausage & egg on English muffins
Cold cereal, applesauce muffins
Peanut butter on English muffins
Biscuits and bacon

Nachos w/ black beans, cheese, avocado & salsa; apples
Tuna salad on English muffins, pretzels, grapes
Cheese quesadillas, Mexican rice, grapes, carrot sticks
Lightlife mushroom burgers on English muffins, pretzels, carrot sticks

Pork chops with corn stuffing (slow-cooker), green beans, salad
Paprika beef over egg noodles, steamed broccoli & carrots
Mixed grain pancakes, bacon, apples
Mushroom-barley soup, beer bread
Omelets w/ cream cheese, avocado, bacon & salsa; English muffins; grapes

For lots more menu ideas and recipes, visit Menu Plan Monday.


stephanieshearer said...

The applesauce muffins and pork chops with corn stuffing look great! I may have to add these to my recipes!

We Eat Cheap said...

Stephanie, I made a batch of the applesauce muffins for the first time tonight and they were wonderful! They'll be a great breakfast. I hope the pork chops turn out as well!

Jerri - Simply Sweet Home said...

The porkchops with corn stuffing sounds delicious!