Sunday, March 22, 2009

Grocery Shopping

I made two grocery runs today and the week's budget is about gone. I spent a total of $35.67 at Aldi and Kroger. Here's what I bought:

boneless pork chops 4.02
cheddar cheese (8 oz block) 1.29
turkey lunchmeat 2.49
tortilla chips .99
pretzel sticks 1.29
tartar sauce 1.29

3 lbs gala apples 2.99
frozen stir-fry veggies 1.25
stir-fry sauce 2.20
yoplait kids' yogurt 2.38
grapes 3.71
bananas 1.09
black beans 2.79
eggs 3.19
bread 1.39
iceberg lettuce .88

Hubby used ExtraBucks at CVS this morning to get some applesauce (two pkgs of the Mott's individual cups) with no out-of-pocket (OOP) expense. We also have $10 in Walgreen's register rewards that are expiring today, so after the kids are in bed he'll run out and use those to buy some drinks. I think we'll have to spend about $1 OOP to get 4 12-packs of pepsi products. I hope they have diet Mountain Dew. :)


Anonymous said...

Good job! I'm trying to get better at saving more at CVS & Walgreens :)

L2L said...

I about chokes when I saw how much you paid for those apples. we live in japan and I bought a little less than 3 lbs of apples and they cost me over $10.00!!!! no joke. so I'm looking forward to some help on eat cheap cause sometimes we just have to pay the price. hoppin over from ubp.