Thursday, February 26, 2009

$2.08 at Kroger!

Edward hadn't done any big-time couponing in a week or so, but he made a run to Kroger tonight to get some serious deals on Pillsbury products. For $2.08 out of pocket we got the following:

5 cans of cinnamon rolls (5 count)
5 cans of crescent rolls (4 count)
5 cans of grands biscuits (5 count)
2 pkgs of Cottonelle toilet tissue (4 roll)
Colgate total toothpaste
Juicy Fruit gum (15 sticks)
Lightlife mushrooms burgers (2 count)
Reese Cups (eaten before the picture was taken :) )

You can check out Money Magnet's blog for details on the Pillsbury deals. Edward did pay in three separate transactions, using the Catalinas from the previous transactions as she describes. The toothpaste was completely free with a .75 coupon (doubled to 1.00) and a 1.50 cellfire coupon. Lightlife burgers were marked down to 1.59 for quick sale (exp. March 3), and we had a $1 coupon. The Cottonelle was .99/pkg and we had a .50/2 coup (doubled to 1.00) and and a .25 cellfire. You can almost always get the Cottonelle 4-packs dirt cheap at Kroger using coupons and cellfires.


noel2momof3 said...

Kroger's a wonderful thing. Is the money you saved from store sales or coupons?? If coupons, where did you find them?

We Eat Cheap said...

It was a combo of store sale (the small cans of pillsbury products are $1 this week), coupons (there seem to be pillsbury coups in the paper almost every week), and catalinas. If you buy 5 pillsbury products it generates a catalina for $3 off your next purchase. So by paying in three separate transactions, you get to use the $3 off on the following orders. If you follow the link to Money Magnet's blog, she explains it nicely.