Monday, May 4, 2009

Refrigerator Muffins

While packing this week I came across an old notebook of recipes and found this one for refrigerator raisin bran muffins. I was thrilled because there are lots of great deals on cereal this week and this will be a great way to use up some of what we've purchased. If you haven't already printed some, you can snag Kellogg's $1/box coupons by clicking on the box at the top left of this page.

I love this recipe because the muffins aren't too sweet, and it's so convenient to have the batter in the fridge so you can have hot muffins on the table in just a few minutes. It also makes it easy to fix just a small batch--a tin of 6 muffins fits nicely in my toaster oven. The batter will keep for a week in the fridge and I think it yields about 24 muffins. I not positive about how many because the recipe is a little smudged where something was dropped on it! :)

2 eggs
2 cups buttermilk
1/2 c vegetable oil
1/2 c sugar
3 cups raisin bran cereal
2 1/2 c all-purpose flour
1 tbsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt

Mix first four ingredients together in a large mixing bowl. Stir in raisin bran. In a separate bowl, sift flour, baking soda, and salt together. Add to wet ingredients, stirring just until mixed. Batter can be refrigerated up to 7 days.

To bake, preheat oven to 400. Grease muffin cups and fill 2/3 full with batter. Bake for 15-20 minutes or until golden brown.

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Updated 5/5: I was supposed to finish packing up the kitchen last night, but when I realized the baking supplies and a set of mixing bowls were still here, I decided to mix up a batch of these. I only had about 1 1/2 c of all-purpose flour (I never run out, but have been letting things get low in preparation for moving!), so I subbed a cup of quick oats for the rest of the flour. I baked six muffins in the toaster oven this morning, and my family thinks I'm awesome! My 20 month old daughter ate 2, my super-picky 3 yr old son had 1 1/2 , and hubs and I polished off the rest. After baking 6, I'd say the recipe will probably yield about 18. I'm so glad I found this recipe--I think it will become a regular breakfast around here. It would also be really easy to vary by adding nuts, sunflower seeds, dried fruits, or even different cereals.


Jerri - Simply Sweet Home said...

Sounds good. I may have to try this. My husband loves raisin bran.

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

Sounds yummy. Thanks for the recipe. I am glad you joined us for Tempt My Tummy Tuesday today.

Jen - Balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

Oh - i am thrilled to run across this right when we have all our great coupons. :) Thanks for sharing it with Tasty Tuesday readers.

Brenda said...

I think I've made this before and its really good

A happy heart at home said...

These sound good. I like the idea of making muffins whenever you want them without having to mix everything up each time. Thanks for sharing!


Alisa said...

I have a very similar recipe and love them. Thanks for sharing!

Emily @ Marvelous Recipes said...

That actually sound good! I like raisin anything so these should be great. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

My mom used to make a similar recipe when I was growing up and I loved it. Thanks for the reminder, it's been a long time since I made them!

Saving My Dollars said...

With all of the cereal sales lately I've got quite a few boxes of Raisin Bran ~ these sound yummy ~ and I'll be trying them. Thanks for posting & sharing :-)

from my motorhome to yours said...

emm raisin bran muffins, I am going to be blogging about them next week, I have another giveaway coming up said...


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